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Creativity Boredom Busters 30 Exercises to Challenge Your Inner Artist

A creative activity book to challenge your inner artist !  This book is filled with 30 pages of challenging activities for all ages. The following topics are included :

  • 4 Minute Sketch Challenge
  • 25 Flowers
  • 100 Colors Challenge
  • 100 Colors Timed Challenge
  • Color the Alphabet
  • 100 Shapes
  • 100 Patterns
  • 100 Wiggly Lines
  • Draw Emotions
  • Draw the Alphabet
  • Your Name
  • 100 Patterns Challenge
  • 25 Stick People
  • 26 Colors of the Alphabet
  • 40 Patterns Challenge
  • 44 Funny Words
  • 40 Nice Words
  • 49 Patterns Challenge
  • 9 Favorite Colors Challenge
  • 16 Lines Challenge
  • 20 Shades of Purple
  • 20 Shades of Orange
  • 20 Stick People
  • 9 Favorite Shapes Challenge
  • 20 Slices of Pie
  • 25 Happy Faces
  • 16 Shades of Green
  • 20 Shades of Blue
  • 20 Shades of Green
  • 20 Shades of Pink


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Mandala Sketchbook – This book includes 4 different grids with 12 copies of each grid for a total of 48 grids.Practice the art of drawing your own unique mandala with these light gray mandala grids. Follow the light gray lines in each mandala grid to form a variety of shapes and lines to create your own mandala. Watch this YouTube video and draw a mandala with Anne Manera using a grid from this book.

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Hodge Podge Doodling & Coloring Book – Doodle Worksheets will allow you to unleash your creativity as you copy the shapes and lines in each box. Look closely at the lines in each box on the left side of the Doodle Worksheet pages and simply replicate them in the box on to the right. Take it a step further and add what you have learned and practiced to the coloring pages included in this book. Let your imagination wander and add doodles and patterns to areas of coloring pages, cards, scrapbooking and more !

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Escape Activity Book for Adults: Coloring challenges for Mazes, Wordsearches, Dots-&-Boxes, and X-&-O in Journal Pages, color by Numbers 

Escape from technology, daily routines, crazy kids, crazy coworkers and just plain life ! Great for all ages and as a family activity. Relieve stress with these 50 activity pages including :

·  coloring pages

·  color by number

·  mazes

·  journal pages

·  wordsearch

·  dots & boxes

·  X and O

·  coloring challenges

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Dots & Boxes Activity Book for All – Take a break from technology and put down your phone ! Spend time playing game with family and friends. Kids will love this game. Great for road trips, holiday gatherings, waiting for an appointment, during a power outage from a storm or anytime you just want you and your kids to unplug from technology. How to play-Each player takes a turn connecting two dots vertically or horizontallyOnce a player completes a box, the player adds their initials to the box. The player with the most completed boxes wins.


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Just 100 Mazes – 100 mind numbing, relaxation inducing, just plain fun mazes for all ages. Kids and adults will love this collection of mazes to pass the time, improve hand and eye coordination and just have a blast !

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Beginner Brush Lettering  – Think of this book as a practice kit to begin your journey of hand lettering. Practice sheets with letters, phrases and sayings will allow you to hone your hand lettering skills. Hand lettering is all about practice. Set aside time each day to practice and you will be hand lettering in no time. You will soon be the envy of your friends as you will be able to create invitations, cards, gift tags, wall art and more with hand lettering done by you ! This book begins with definitions and a visual breakdown of the parts of a letter. These typography terms will help you to better understand the letters you are creating. The next step are practice pages with letters, phrases and sayings for you to trace over with your brush pens. Experiment with various types of brush pens and use what you feel most comfortable using. Lined pages are included for you to practice your lettering without the letter guides to trace. The last section of this book has a quote for you to practice lettering and then letter on your own without the guides and use for your own project such as a framed print.


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Grid Finish It Puzzles Mandala Edition – Drawing is a great way of expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions especially when you can’t find the right words. Kids draw before they can write, making drawings as easy way to communicate. Finish it puzzles are a wonderful way to practice your drawing skills, no matter what your age may be. Grab a pencil or pen and challenge your mind to finish these mandalas. A great activity book for kids and adults. This book has 24 pages of mandalas to finish up. Simply copy the lines and shapes in the boxes on the left to the boxes on the right. Two copies of each mandala are included so you can share with a friend or complete each one a second time.




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Imagination Workout – Turn ordinary lines and shapes into doodles or drawings. The pages in this book are filled with lines and shapes as prompts to kick start your imagination to workout. The possibilities are unlimited, just let your imagination take you on an adventure. Imagination Workout is great for kids and adults of all ages and is a great way to take a break from technology. You can use pens, pencils, markers, gel pens, crayons and more to create a mini masterpiece in each box. Take it a step further and color your doodles or drawings. Use your doodles or drawings to create your own story or comic strip.