Dog Themed Kids Books

Each book is based on Anne’s real life dog friends featuring a message or lesson that dog has expressed.  These dog themed kids books are rich with hand drawn illustrations set in a digitally painted background, the vivid colors help tell each story. Each book is perfect for any age as the messages are timeless. Gratitude, Happiness and Friendship books are available. More books to follow in this series to include Patience, Kindness and Loyalty. 


Eat, Sleep, Wag – a dog’s gratitude journal
tells the story of how a dog named Willi enjoyed the simple pleasures life had to offer. Grateful for each day, he woke up every morning with a smile in his heart. Willi believed that if you show gratitude for what you have you will be content. According to Willi, if you eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired, your tail will wag and your heart will smile!


Biscuits, Balls & Bones, a dog’s search for happiness, is written & illustrated by Anne Manera. The story of how a dog named Georgia realized that happiness exists in the everyday moments is told.Everyday dogs and people are faced with a choice, enjoy life or change it so you do. If you look close enough there is always something to smile about.


A Dog, a Toad & a Picnic – a dog’s tail of friendship is told to Anne Manera by Jane Proia and illustrated by Anne Manera. The story of how a dog named Autumn and an ordinary toad became the best of friends is told. A true friend is one that laughs with you when you are happy, weeps with you when you are sad and loves you for just being you. A best friend can be anyone you choose and often times is not like you at all, but will enrich your life in ways never thought possible.


Georgia’s Recipes is a collection of doggie delicacies you can make at home from ingredients commonly found in your kitchen. 13 recipes are included, each recipes named after one of Georgia’s real life relatives – her mom & dad, sisters, brothers and cousins all share their favorite treats.

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