Join Anne Manera as she colors live and take your coloring hobby to new and exciting levels !
Blending & Shading with Colored Pencils
Adding Texture to your coloring page
Doodling & Tangling your coloring page
Blending with markers
Mixing colors with colored pencils
Grayscale photo coloring
How to choose your colors based on the color wheel
And more !!

COLOR – ALONGS are held live on Facebook and are scheduled weekly. During a live COLOR – ALONG you can watch Anne color a page from one of 12 Volumes of COLOR -ALONG books as she explains the coloring tools being used, demonstrates various coloring techniques, answers your questions, chats about her coloring books and chats with the coloring community about a variety of topics. COLOR-ALONGS are truly Live. Which means, anything can happen while Anne is Live – the doorbell can ring, the phone can ring or the dogs could bark. Anne’s dogs, Scarlett & Paisley join in on the fun for each Live COLOR-ALONG, chattering in the background .

Each COLOR-ALONG includes a variety of hand drawn line art illustrations, grayscale illustration photo coloring pages and grayscale photo coloring pages.

The COLOR -ALONG schedule can be found on Anne Manera’s website www.annemanera.com/events

Be sure to check back each week for new COLOR – ALONG dates and Join Anne Manera’s Newsletter on her website www.annemanera.com so you never miss a COLOR – ALONG.

Watch replays of Live COLOR-ALONGS from the following books by clicking on each book’s image.





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