Tutorial Books

Allow yourself the time, whether it is a minute, an hour or an entire day, to escape to a place inside yourself.

Opportunities to create art lie in life’s everyday moments. Being still and silent allows you to digest the world around yoursef, and coloring is a great way to still your body, mind and soul.

Awaken your Inner Artist! Unplug from this crazy world as you escape to a place of your own happiness.

That’s what this site is all about. I want to help you awaken your inner artist and create art that makes you smile. I introduce you to new coloring books, coloring tutorials and art that will inspire you to make art part of your life in a way that is exciting and uplifting.

Anne Manera has published over 250 Coloring Books, Coloring Journals, Activity Books, Coloring Tutorials Books, Single Coloring Pages and more available inPaperback & PDF in a variety of topics including mandalas, abstract, dogs, cats, simple designs, complicated designs, journals, florals and more !



“No matter your age, Anne Manera’s coloring books are perfect! Her designs are simple enough
for a beginning colorist and gorgeous enough for an advanced colorist to turn into a work of art!” Katie

“I just love being apart of Anne Manera’s life. I love to see what she is going to do next. I look forward to her color alongs every week.
She has taught me so, much. She is very into the people that make up her groups. I love being in the colorista group.
She has a good heart. I would call her my friend. Please don’t ever change and cant wait to see what Anne Manera will do next.
Anne continue doing what you do and I keep following you.”
Sarah T.

“Anne Manera is the most down to earth teacher.
She makes learning something new fun, not frightening.
I highly recommend anything that has Anne’s name on it. I’m hooked.” Lisa A

“Great coloring books from Anne Manera! Wonderful variety of pictures to color.
Anne has an excellent selection of coloring books on her website.
Something for everyone to enjoy coloring…..
from children to seniors. Check out her color alongs on her website too.
You won’t be disappointed!! ” Bonnie H.