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Feature illustrations of all things Paisley the English Setter Dog sees while chasing bubbles! Paisley loves to chase bubbles and she also loves to hang out in Anne Manera’s studio while coloring books are being created. You many know Paisley from Live COLOR-ALONGs as she chatters in the background. This coloring book has 24 pages to color with 2 versions of each page- with bubbles or without bubbles. There are also 2 copies of each version so you can color twice or share with a friend, for a total of 96 coloring pages! Illustrations include mushrooms, birdhouses, a butterfly, flowers, a trash can, a fire hydrant, a car, an easel, a pail , a mailbox, a fish , a window, hot air balloon, an angel, a pool, a cactus, a flower pot and a tent .

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My name is Anne Manera My inspiration comes from my love of art, the world around me and the joy that my art brings to people. I truly love hearing about how my art has brought a smile to someone’s heart. I stumbled upon coloring books in the Spring of 2015 and I have been hooked ever since. I currently have 75 books that I have self published which include coloring books, coloring journals, blank journals, dog themed kids book and even a dog treat recipe book !

I host live COLOR-ALONGS from my Facebook page weekly with FREE coloring lessons. You can COLOR-ALONG with me in one of my Color Along Variety Books, currently available in 6 volumes. I am now offering Coloring Techniques Classes that will allow you to take your coloring skills to a whole new level ! You can sign up for an upcoming class by clicking here .

You can buy all of my coloring books and coloring pages in digital form here on this website. If you prefer a paperback version, my books are available on Amazon.



What People Are Saying

“Through Anne Manera’s color alongs is how I learned how to do grayscale; I was scared to try it. She gave step by step visual instructions on how to color the grayscale, which was beginner friendly. Anne’s color alongs also taught me how to blend and shade. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to learn. Her color alongs are not like watching the normal tutorial. She allows us to ask any questions they have during the color along, and she answers them all. I still can’t figure out how she explains what she’s doing while coloring, reads the comments, and then answers them,lol. The color alongs have also introduced me to so many mediums that I didn’t even know about. In her color alongs I’ve seen her coloring with colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastels, markers,highlighters, and even eyeshadow. Through her color alongs, I’ve learned many techniques, for example, one of her color alongs taught me the pointillism technique. Most importantly, they have given me confidence in my coloring, and a group of friends. Michelle W.


“I love your coloring books, you are so talented. I have Simply Still Life Grayscale Photo Coloring and just love it.”  Ellie G.

I just received Big Variety Coloring Book and I have never had such a big coloring book and just love every page. Artist Anne Manera is amazing, compassionate, and has such a caring heart. I have purchased a lot of Anne’s books and I seriously have never been disappointed not once. I do know she has some more amazing books coming and just can’t wait. Anne has color alongs weekly and also draws live with us viewers. Don’t wait and get this book ordered as you will love it as much as I do, I just know it. You get line art, grayscale’s, and color charts.” Yvonne E.


“Great coloring books from Anne Manera! Wonderful variety of pictures to color. Anne has an excellent selection of coloring books on her website. Something for everyone to enjoy coloring…..from children to seniors. Check out her color alongs on her website too. You won’t be disappointed!! ” Bonnie H.

“Just received my Fibromyalgia Mantras Coloring Book and love it already! So many of us who have “invisible” chronic pain illnesses feel like no one understands. This book puts into words what I feel from day to day and are not complicated coloring for those days when the pain is bad I need the distraction to help with the pain. I am also pleased with the “extra” pages that I can add mantras that are specific to me. A great book for chronic pain warriors!”  Denise F.