What our Friends Say…..

“My coloring story begins many years ago when my mother would surprise my sister and I with a new coloring book. She would walk several blocks while on her lunch break to buy small 10 cent coloring books and then hide them away. If my sister or I became sick or if the weather was too bad for us to play outside she would surprise us with a new coloring book and occasionally a new box of crayons.
I have continued to color off and on throughout my adult years and collected around 150 coloring books, but became frustrated with all the tiny spaces. I mean there is only so much you can do with those tiny areas. I packed them all up and put them in a closet.
One day I stumbled across a color along on Facebook that was hosted by Anne Manera and instantly thought this is for me! The friendly conversation and Anne’s soothing voice was such a relaxing relief from the stressful day I was having.

I ordered 2 of her books from Amazon. When my order arrived I was in love and soon I discovered Anne’s Etsy store where I bought the first of many pdfs she has to offer. (I will one day own them all!)
I love the range of her artwork. While some have more detail, there are also many with enough space for me to be creative! There is enough room to blend, shade, doodle, draw, add words, or pretty do much anything you can think of to do with a piece of paper. Oh, almost forgot, you can just simply add color!”
Barbara R.

“Through Anne Manera’s color alongs is how I learned how to do grayscale; I was scared to try it. She gave step by step visual instructions on how to color the grayscale, which was beginner friendly. Anne’s color alongs also taught me how to blend and shade. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to learn. Her color alongs are not like watching the normal tutorial. She allows us to ask any questions they have during the color along, and she answers them all. I still can’t figure out how she explains what she’s doing while coloring, reads the comments, and then answers them,lol. The color alongs have also introduced me to so many mediums that I didn’t even know about. In her color alongs I’ve seen her coloring with colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastels, markers,highlighters, and even eyeshadow. Through her color alongs, I’ve learned many techniques, for example, one of her color alongs taught me the pointillism technique. Most importantly, they have given me confidence in my coloring, and a group of friends. Michelle W.

“I have purchased Paint Alongs from Anne Manera, and have been amazed how much I have learned. I have never painted before and her classes have taught me many tips and ideas of painting. After 2 of her classes, I actually think I could paint a picture. Thank you Anne, and I look forward to our next Paint Along!” Melody

“Whether you have or have never attended a color along, you need to come to Anne’s.  She is a very talented artist, and have learned much, such as
1. Paper type to use
2. All different types of mediums,including different brands of pencils, watercoloring, markers, etc.
3. Techniques such as blending, shading, grayscales, etc.
Will answer any question on any subject not just what we are working on that day.
And the icing on the color along is we all have fun and its so enjoyable.  You can leave feeling stress free.
Hope to see you there!!! “

“Anne, I just have to say what a brilliant idea your Color Alongs are. I just attended one and it’s pure genius ! So much fun. You sounded so natural and relaxed. “ Cristin

“I just love Anne’s coloring books ! ”  Diane L.

“Who joined Anne Manera for her grey scale color along today ?  …. Thanks Anne, I had so much fun and learned a few new techniques today.” Deb C.

“I love your coloring books, you are so talented. I have Simply Still Life Grayscale Photo Coloring and just love it.”  Ellie G.

“Love your pictures to colour Anne Manera.” Nessa S.

“My friends & I LOVED this afternoon’s COLOR ALONG !!!” Karma L.