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Restart Your Coloring Mojo 4 Day Podcast Series

Episode 4-Everyday Creativity

Episode 3- Creativity & Perfectionism

Episode 2- The Creative Adult

Episode 1 – Creativity & Self Doubt 

EPISODE #7 – Using Art to Heal

EPISODE #6 – Living a Creative Life

According to Joseph Pearce, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” What does it mean to live a creative life?  In this episode, Anne Manera discusses how living a creative life has uplifted her spirits and made her a better person.

EPISODE #5 – The Coloring Book Phenomenon

When coloring books reached their peak in early 2015, it was said that coloring had the same benefits as meditation. Here we are close to 4 years later, and coloring books have become a phenomenon in Facebook communities. What keeps you coloring?

EPISODE #4 – Technology as an Extension of Man

As an artist trained before computers, I can’t help but think how much technology plays a role in creating art. We live in a day and age in which society is bombarded with both audio and visual stimuli from many sources. This episode discusses technology as an extension of man, keeping in mind how an artist’s relationship with many forms of technology continues to grow.

EPISODE #3 – Color in our everyday life

Have you ever wondered what the world around you would be like without color? Color is all around us and different colors evoke different emotions.
The colors we choose in which to surround ourselves can have an impact on our daily life.

EPISODE #2 – Virtual Friendships in the art community

In the 21st Century, the emergence of technology has created new types of friends and friendships that exist in the virtual world. Online art communities are thriving and friendships are being formed amongst individuals with a common interest. The need for friendship exists for everyone, but are virtual friendships fulfilling that need?

EPISODE #1 – Digital Art as an adequate art form?  
In this episode Anne Manera chats about digital art as an adequate art form. Are we ready to accept that each one of us , without realizing it, is a digital artist? Digital art is all around us. Many adults have started coloring and some are using coloring apps. Is this truly digital art? Sit back and listen as Anne poses questions and theories for you to ponder.

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