Good Morning !

Today we have a giveaway for CUPID’S VIEW Coloring Book for Everyone sponsored by an Anonymous Colorist that will end at 11pm EST . Take a look at the way to ENTER on the Just Color! with Anne Manera coloring group.

Click here to take a look.  The winner will be announced on Sunday Feb 10th !

You can now BUILD YOUR OWN BOOK BUNDLE on my website. Choose any 3 books – PDF or Hard Copy- coloring book, journal, cookbook, kids book – for ONLY $24.99 with Free Shipping. There are over 100 books from which to choose. Click here to get started.

I am working on coloring from my newest book today – DANGLES Coloring Book for All . Have you seen it ? Hope you have a chance to check it out. You can order this book on AMAZON or on my website. 

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