I can barely draw a stick figure !

How many times have you heard someone say this?

Here’s the thing … I truly believe that ANYONE can draw. ANYONE.  Yup, that means you too. 

Sadly, as kids many of us were told we were not good enough in art class. This really bugs me. There are no rules in art. And there is no right or wrong. 

In math two plus two equals four and there is no changing that. In art red and yellow make orange, but the shade of orange resulted from red and yellow has so many possibilities. Too often we compare ourselves to others and become our own inner critic. Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn. If 12 people all drew an apple, each drawing would look different. Some may be very realistic, whereas others may be appear to be abstract.

No better. No worse.

O M G !

About a year or so ago, I started live Facebook videos which I called DRAW LIVE. For one hour, I was Live on Facebook drawing one or two coloring pages. I remember the very first video I did. I thought I was going to pass out !  I was so nervous to draw on camera, with everyone watching me. I just thought the whole time that what if I really can’t do it..  

I made it through the video and decided to challenge myself with doing another video. Now I host DRAW LIVE once a month. I draw 2 coloring pages during the video that become the start of a new coloring book. DRAW LIVE is where coloring books are born. My next DRAW LIVE is Thursday Jan 2nd at 10am EST on my Facebook page. 

Imagine my surprise !
But a few months ago, viewers started DRAWING ALONG with ME !  

I was not expecting this !  But I am so happy that it happened !  

A great way to start this new year !
So starting next week on Wednesday Jan 8th at 10am EST , I will be hosting DRAW ALONGS which will be Live on Facebook each Wednesday. They will be FREE to watch, but if you would like to DRAW ALONG with me you can purchase a DRAW ALONG book. We will be drawing Still Life with pencils, charcoal and pastels; Mandalas and Flowers. 

If you would like to challenge yourself to draw more than a stick figure, the information is below. 

You can order your book on Amazon by clicking here. 

The schedule is below 

Hope to see you at my next DRAW LIVE or DRAW ALONG !