Reverse Coloring Book Volume 2 FREE page by Anne Manera


A Free Page from Reverse Coloring Book Volume 2

What’s this new coloring book all about? 

Have you ever looked at the clouds and saw a face? Or a cloud appeared to look like an animal? This book is based on the concept of Pareidolia which is a tendency to see or imagine shapes, meaningful orabstract.This book has the colors, all you need is a pen, pencil or marker so you can draw the lines. The possibilities are endless and your creativity will astound you ! Each page of this book is filled with abstract designs waiting for you to add doodles, flowers, trees, faces, abstract shapes, tangles and so much more. A mindless activity for all ages. Simply pick up a pencil, pen or marker and begin by tracing the edges of the shapes you see. There is no right or wrong way of finding shapes and as you begin to identify shapes, more shapes will pop out and get your attention. Add patterns to the shapes to makes things more interesting. and start tracing the edges or finding your own shapes within the patterns. In between the color prints are beautiful pages of dreamy prompts to take you on a unique journey of your own making along with delicate line art for you to color. Let your imagination take over as you relax and touch the pen to the paper and begin to create your own little worlds.


– 45 colored pages filled with unique shapes
– Printed on Single Sided Pages to avoid bleed through
– Printed on 60 lb paper
– You only need a pen to draw!
– Great for all ages and skill levels
– Great Gift Idea for the whole year