Restart Your Coloring Mojo Activity Book PDF by Anne Manera

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Restart Your Coloring Mojo! An Activity Coloring Book & Journal to Spark your Creativity

Written & illustrated by Anne Manera

So many people have commented about how they have lost their coloring mojo. They just cannot get themselves to color like they used to
and find themselves in a coloring slump. They still participate in coloring groups, they still watch live coloring tutorials but they are just not coloring like they used to or they have stopped completely.
Is this you ?
Have you lost your coloring mojo ?
I want to help you find your coloring mojo or any other creative mojo you are looking for.

This PDF booklet is designed to help spark your creativity. On the following pages you will find coloring pages with coloring prompts and journal pages to inspire you to think a bit differently about how you approach coloring or any other creative project.

This book is a companion book to the Restart Your Coloring Mojo Podcast. Click here to listen. 



© 2019 Anne Manera



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