Christmas Coloring Painting Crafts Camp Dec 7-11 PDF version


Christmas Camp will take place in a Private Facebook Group
Wednesday Dec 7th – Sunday Dec 11th. Each day a live tutorial video will be held in the Facebook Group at 10am EST. All videos will have replays available. During the live video we will also work on an activity page. All printed pages are included in this box along with additional supplies for each day’s tutorial. This camp will include a coloring tutorial, a painting tutorial, an oil pastels tutorial, an ornament tutorial and a greeting card tutorial. The camp box will also include the following supplies – colored pencils, oil pastels, canvas paper, paintbrush, acrylic paint, painting template, paper for oil pastel tutorial, christmas ornaments, ornament templates,  keychain for keychain activity, greeting cards printed on cardstock, coloring pages, activity pages.

Take a close look at the Supply List as you will need to provide a few additional supplies such as tape, glue, colored pencils, a pencil just to name a few. The Camp Schedule is the best guide for you to use to know what the topic is for each day’s tutorial, what supplies you will need and which activity page we will be working on that day.Be sure to save the link for the Facebook Group. During each live video you will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions. Tutorials are set up so you can use ANY Brand of any of the products listed.

Here is what you need to know –
o Live video tutorials each day at 10am EST. Live Videos will last for 60 minutes.
o During the Live video we will work on that day’s tutorial listed in the Camp Schedule.

o We will begin promptly at 10am EST each day.
o Each day a winner will be chosen during the Live Video for a Daily Giveaway. You need not be at the Live Video to win. You can ONLY WIN one day. There is no guarantee that the products offered as giveaways are products that you have not already purchased from any of the artists featured.
o ALL CAMPERS are eligible for each daily giveaway no matter where they live in the world. All camp giveaways will be in digital format unless it is a coloring supply such as colored pencils.
o The daily giveaway schedule is listed in the Facebook Group.
o Please post any questions you may have about CHRISTMAS CAMP in the CHRISTMAS CAMP Facebook Group



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