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Happy December !

Happy December !

Wow !  This year flew wouldn’t ya say ?
As I write this, there is snow falling outside my window. Not sure if I am a fan of snow this year. How about you ? Are you eager to build a snowman this year?

I am including my December calendar further down in this mailing along with a FREE Countdown to Christmas Coloring Page that I hope you will enjoy with your kids, grandkids, the cat, the dog, the bird or anyone else you can think of.  

A few things to keep in mind for this first week of December – 

  • We meet Monday Dec 2nd at 10am EST for a LIVE COLOR-ALONG using Crayons and Oil . You can use baby oil, mineral oil , any type of cooking oil. Just do not use motor oil .
  • Secret Santa Anne Manera Style begins on Tuesday Dec 3rd. This is the date you will need to sign up by. IF you still need to sign up , click here to get that checked off your list. 
  • I have a few new books that I have released over the past few weeks . Hope you can check them out. All my books are available on Amazon. 
  • My coloring book flip through videos now have a new home. Click here to visit them. 
  • Get your FREE Countdown to Christmas Page by clicking here !
  • I have a 2020 Calendar now available on my website. Click here to purchase. ON SALE for ONLY $5.00 !
  • If you are a plan ahead type of person, I have scheduled Winter Coloring Camp for January 26- February 1st and have made the Camp books available on Amazon just in case you would like Santa to add a Coloring Camp book to your Christmas Gifts this year. Click here to buy on Amazon 
Have a great day !
Anne Manera