7842311_origSeniors Love Coloring !

Many activity directors are using coloring books with nursing home residents, memory care patients, senior center members and rehab patients. Coloring is great for meditation, improving dexterity and eye & hand coordination. Too often seniors are finding the intricate designs and small spaces to color  frustrating due to tired eyes or dexterity issues. You will find the illustrations in my coloring books are designed with bigger spaces to color and less intricate designs. 

Coloring is a Social Event! 

Residents are able to sit and talk about their lives in the present or reminisce over a coloring page.

  • Coloring jogs the seniors’ memories to a time when life was simple and fun
  • The physical activity of using a pencil or marker improves dexterity
  • Finishing a coloring page gives the senior a feeling of accomplishment
  • When designs spark imagination, pleasure centers in the brain may also be stimulated

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